The world's first social game for rapid innovation.

Polynize™ is a powerful new methodology for rapid innovation - a social game with simple rules that lets groups of people breed solutions to real-world problems. It’s the perfect balance between collaboration and competition that makes innovation happen.

Polynize is born out of our own experiences with collaborative creativity in startups, laboratories, jam sessions and boardrooms. We believe that everyone is capable of innovation given the right context. We have created Polynize to accelerate and democratize innovation for anyone, anywhere.

In Polynize the diverse ideas of a group ("polys") are all given a chance to thrive. Our economic system then builds teams of innovators and investors ("polynizers") to work together on the best polys, using tokens ("polychips") to reward intellectual input, sharing, risk-taking and early investment. The system combines features of capital markets, open-source software, casino games and biological reproduction.

Polynize is due for production launch in 2019. In the meantime, we are currently beta-testing Polynize in a face-to-face game format with groups of players from diverse backgrounds, solving real-world problems from university and enterprise sponsors. We would love to have you as a player and/or your organization as a sponsor. Learn more about being a beta-testing sponsor, or sign up below to get in touch!

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Accelerates innovation with a unique iterative process that mimics evolution.


Generates innovative polys from any group of people, even if they have never met.


Simple game rules that can be used by anyone, anywhere with no preparation.


Rewards the best innovators and prepares the best polys for successful exit into the real world.


Shourov Bhattacharya

Marrs Coiro