Imagine gamified "hackathons" that run autonomously for hundreds of thousands of people, enabling them to solve not just technical problems but any type of business or social problem - and minting solutions as valuable IP into NFTs for every industry.
An infinite game in which any person from any background can participate and be rewarded for mining for innovation. All powered by the world's first "innovation token" that fuels the ecosystem and rewards staking and game play. Coming soon to
Every person has the creative potential to do innovation.
We've spent years doing innovation and creating successful IP in music, tech and media. We first created Polynize as a coin-based table-top game for people to mine for solutions to real world problems together and build common purpose.
Now we're building a world-class team and porting our game to the Algorand blockchain with the support of our network of investors, advisors, accelerators and other backers of innovation. Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.