Discovering bright sparks.

Polynize is a unique game play experience that finds the best innovators and connects them to business. Through hybrid events mapped to assets on our digital blockchain, we identify innovative talent, mine for real-world solutions and create opportunities for hiring and investment.

Creating opportunities.

Every Polynize game event rapidly creates a network of ideas, connections and ongoing opportunities. Watch how one game winner sparked her own creative potential and caught the attention of the game client.

Rewarding innovation.

Players earn coins and mint ideas using our "Proof-of-Innovation" algorithm which quantifies individual creativity, communication and group collaboration skills.

Training innovators.

Our unique game statistics give players the feedback and incentives they need to train for innovation, rise up the leaderboard and access professional opportunities.


Learn more about the value of innovation through play for your organization.

Polynize for Talent

Assess creativity, communication and team collaboration skills and hire for long-term success.

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Polynize for Learning

Develop your team's creativity, communication and collaboration skills and strengthen group cohesion.

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Polynize for Events

Gamify your events to generate problem solutions and spark new business opportunities.

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Let's Play!

We are proud to be partnering with Australia's premier co-working brand Work Club Global as our first premium game studio.
Contact us to book a Polynize game event for your organization, either at your own office / event venue or at Work Club, 477 Collins Street, Melbourne.

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Years of doing innovation in startups, studios, jam sessions and labs inspired us to create Polynize.

Shourov Bhattacharya

Engineer, musician, inventor.

Marrs Coiro

Performer, producer, designer.

Play with Purpose.

Shourov talks about his personal inspirations and the philosophy of Play with Purpose that sparked the emergence of Polynize.