Anyone can innovate.

A simple, democratic system for solving real business and social problems.

Polynize is a group board game played with hexagonal cardboard pieces, stamps and coins. Starting with a problem or question from a business sponsor, a team of six players use our unique polynization system to collaboratively generate and refine their best ideas together.

The outcomes are valuable, actionable problem solutions for the sponsor, and a team of people that is happy, energized and bonded. Over time, our online platform matches the best players with business and government to play for economic reward and opportunity.


Driven by diversity.

Creating value from difference.

Whether in a startup, classroom, lab or boardroom, Polynize harnesses the collective intelligence of minds with different biases and histories. The outcomes are fresh ideas that no one person could have created alone.


Backed by research.

Making innovation systematic.

For twenty years we’ve been doing innovation ourselves and we have observed that it needs three things - diversity, constraints and co-iteration. These are the core principles of the Polynize game system. There is a wide body of research that supports our design.


Powered by passion.

Spreading the love.

Our players can't stop smiling. In a world geared for consumption, we want everyone to experience what we are lucky enough to experience ourselves every day - the joy of creativity.


Ready for scale.

Democratizing global innovation.

Integrated with the board game, our mobile app platform builds a global network of the best innovators over time - who are then matched with businesses who need innovation. We aim to create a new innovation economy that is democratic, open and diverse.


We need you!

If you share our vision, we want to share it with you. We are looking for leaders who believe in the creative potential of the people in their industry or organization. Join our exclusive beta-testing to solve real-world problems, generate valuable IP and empower your executives, customers, employees and/or students.