Solving problems, breeding entrepreneurs and creating impact.

Every person can be creative and make an impact, and we have a way to harness that potential. Through years of working with businesses, governments and universities, we have developed a gamified innovation system that activates communities to solve problems, gives birth to startups and transforms students into entrepreneurs.


We rapidly generate refined and actionable problem solutions with competitive advantage and market potential using our patented innovation game system.


We guide innovation towards maximum positive impact and high returns by intersecting urgent industry problems with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



We select the top 1-3% of innovators using bottom-up, competitive game mechanics, providing a fresh stream of entrepreneurial talent for incubators and investors.


How Polynize Works.

A step-by-step campaign using a gamified digital/physical platform - ready to deploy.


Problem Question.

Using our unique Polynize Provoke™ platform referenced to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, we work with our business sponsor to frame a concise, targeted Problem Question.


Digital Game.

Students/players upload brief video pitches ("Sparks") to solve the Problem Question in our Digital Game. The best Sparks rise to the top through community voting.



Studio Game.

Top Spark players come to our Studio Game where our Create-Pitch-Invest gameplay rapidly refines solutions and scores players for creativity, collaboration and communication.



Solutions / Players.

Investors and sponsors place a Gold Coin into their chosen solution to earn the right to exit with that player for incubation and implementation.



Global Game.

The top scoring winners from Studio Games gain admission to the global Polynize Game where they will play on camera against other winners to Scale up their entrepreneurial careers.


Why Polynize?

We connect and create value for all sides of the innovation marketplace.


Solve business problems and generate impact.

Early access to novel IP.
Actionable stream of solution ideas.
Activate staff with internal games.


Delight students and create pathways to entrepreneurship.

95%+ of students love Polynize.
Embed creativity into education.
Create value for research and industry.


Plug into untapped streams of entepreneurial talent.

Access to the top 1-3% of innovators.
Unique ideas from diverse cohorts.
Scale and diversify scouting.

As played with


After decades of doing collaborative creative work in startups, laboratories, jam sessions and boardrooms, we founded Polynize to share our love of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Shourov Bhattacharya

Engineer, musician, inventor.

Marrs Coiro

Performer, producer, entrepreneur.

Play for Purpose.

Watch co-founder Shourov Bhattacharya present the vision behind Polynize at TEDx.

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